Exploring Düsseldorf with Kids

Düsseldorf is always worth a trip, either alone, as a couple or with the whole family. The world’s longest bar, seemingly unlimited shopping opportunities on Königsallee, a broad cultural life, and last but not least, it's very own architectural features attract visitors from all over the world, adults in particularly. But for a relaxed family trip, everyone wants to get one’s money worth. Luckily, Düsseldorf has a lot to offer for the kids, too.

On discovery through the city center

A fun way to get to know the sights of the city are the city and harbor rallys, especially designed for kids from the age of 8 to 12. All assignments, hints and points of interest are marked in the brochure available at the visitor center. If all assignments are completed correctly, you get a magic word that can be used to participate in a lottery. There also is a more difficult version for older kids and adults.

Museums and culture

Museums usually don't cause waves of enthusiasm from kids, but Düsseldorf is home to a few museums that did get rid of the somewhat antiquated image and turn a visit into a truly unique experience. The Filmmuseum Düsseldorf offers adventure tours for various ages and, during school holidays, workshops around filmmaking. The Kunstsammlung (art collection) K20 and K21 also offers activities and workshops for kids and a multimedia guide for the younger visitors.

A huge museum with possibilities for touching and participating from the age of 4 is the Explorado Kids Museum in Duisburg. Phenomena of the daily life can be discovered and are shown and playfully explained. Furthermore, the Neanderthal museum in Mettmann offers interesting and child appropriate programs.

Family Trip to Neanderthal Museum near Düsseldorf
Kids enjoying the exhibition at Neanderthal Museum near carathotel Düsseldorf

Current events for kids can also be found via the events calendar of the city when checking the box "children and young persons". The results show, among others, the performances of the puppet theatre Helmholtzstraße for the younger, and the mainly classic performances of the Marionettentheater (puppet theatre), or those of the Junges Schauspielhaus (young theatre).


Animal Experiences

Day trips around Düsseldorf

Eating out with the family