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You will hardly find any white walls in our hotels – after all, why should we leave them empty when we can offer them as exhibition spaces to young and talented artists instead? Through the caratart e.V. art association, we assume social responsibility and contribute to sociocultural activities, creativity and innovation.

Discover all the fascinating aspects of our commitment to art.

The caratart e.V. art association

Since December 2010, our carathotels support young yet relatively unknown visual artists by sponsoring the caratart e.V. art association. Aside from exhibitions and art events, you can clearly see our commitment to art at the Sculpture Park in Weil am Rhein or the caratart Studio project.

Foundation of the art association

Everything began a few years ago on a particularly beautiful summer’s night while we enjoyed a glass of red wine: we decided to use the existing infrastructure at our carathotels and our team’s creative energy in order to introduce young yet relatively unknown artists and their work to a broader audience. At the end of 2010, we created the caratart e.V. art association out of sheer passion and conviction.



This was our first trick…

The association celebrated its first successful event in the summer of 2011 with “caratart Episode 1”. More than 200 artworks created by 19 artists were displayed from the lobby to the rooftop terrace of the carathotel Basel/Weil am Rhein, presenting a spectacular variety of new and modern art to an extremely art-enthusiastic audience. The vernissage took place on the night prior to the inauguration of the Art Basel fair. The highlight of our event was the movie “Sweet Dreams”, a special production dedicated exclusively to this venue, which was projected onto the hotel’s 250 square meter façade. The entire show was an impressive art experience – it even managed to satisfy the superior taste of the Art Basel audience.

Ever since, reproductions of the artworks displayed at the first event are being exhibited in all of our carathotels. Without the dusty flair of a museum, visitors from all over the world can enjoy an open and exciting atmosphere while looking at the paintings.


…but the second followed quick!

In the fall of 2012, our Munich-based carathotels set the stage for the second episode in our association’s event history. Eleven new artists presented their newest masterpieces in the public spaces of both hotels during the “caratart Episode 2” exhibition. The vernissage “Red Riding Hood vs The Bad Wolf – German romanticism meets street art.” (“Rotkäppchen vs. Der böse Wolf – Deutsche Romantik trifft Streetart”) was an integral part of the program presented at the Long Night of Munich Museums on October 20, 2012.

The program included an enactment of Joachim Ringelnatz’s version of the fairytale „Red Riding Hood” in the windows of the hotelmüller München. The play was performed by the Stage Design and Costumes class of Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, which was led by Professor Katrin Brack and caratart mentor Roland Olbeter. In the meantime, graffiti artists from Munich transformed the underground parking garage of the carathotel München into a modern enchanted forest. Sponsored by carathotels and supported by the caratart e.V. art association, we created a unique and diversified art event that accompanied the Long Night of Munich Museums.

caratart: an ongoing development

In the spring of 2013, we inaugurated the caratart Sculpture Park in the garden of our carathotel Basel/Weil am Rhein. Only a few months later, in the summer of 2013, we were able to provide one artist with a free exhibition space for one year.

In fact, we are not only committed to offering exhibition spaces – all artists sponsored by the caratart e.V. art association are being supported by our carathotel teams with regards to marketing and public relations activities.

Current caratart projects

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