Wine & Enjoyment

„Ever since God created the world, wine has had the power to illuminate the dark path of truth.”


Wine & Enjoyment

Since ancient times the enjoyment of wine has had an almost reverential quality.

Countless great minds, Goethe included, devoted themselves to the enjoyment of wine and philosophised about it. Almost everyone knows the Latin saying “in vino veritas”, or “in wine there is truth”. Both in the ancient world and in our Christian tradition, wine is deeply rooted in our basic values and culture.

Wine can be drunk in different places and on different occasions, but it is not always associated with the heights of indulgence. This is because the internal attitude of the wine drinker, his character and not least a wine lover’s knowledge born of experience are all vital for the enjoyment to be savoured in full. Today we are able to enjoy a quality of wine the like of which there has never been before. Almost every winemaker strives with great dedication, technical expertise and creativity to produce the best possible quality of wine.
A major factor that should be highlighted is the return of winegrowers to the natural soil conditions and characteristics through organic, ecological and dynamic cultivation. Heeding these aspects makes the members of the trade pioneers of agricultural development, with the result being not only a recovery of nature, but also sustainability, which enables the consumer to devote himself to enjoying the wine with a clear conscience.

The Philosophy behind the aspect of enjoyment

Enjoyment should always be considered in conjunction with a good and happy life. For this reason the complexity and multifaceted nature of enjoyment can only really be grasped from a philosophical point of view. The Greek philosopher Epicurus acted primarily on the assumption that life should be founded on desire and pleasure, whilst pain and sorrow should be avoided wherever possible. The philosophical objectives of the ancient world always concentrated on a good and happy life, and enjoyment was debated as the highest form of experience in manifold writings, while also being extolled in verse.
If some of us could succeed in giving greater validity to enjoyment as the embodiment of a good and happy life with a delicious glass of wine, the outcome would certainly be a significant improvement in our own quality of life.

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